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Initially I loved it when he called her ‘girl’, but then he called Olivia ‘girl’ too, and I figured it’s either something that he calls all the people he dates or he was trying to make Rae jealous (I know we’re not supposed to think that he would do that because he’s just so nice but for mine, the boy was hurt really bad and I kinda think he did want to make Rae jealous, ymmv of course). I’d pay good money to see how Rae reacts the first time he calls her that post-reconciliation.

Yeah, me too. I personally think it was a tactic to make Rae jealous. I don’t think it’s something he called any other girl he’s dated but either way he did sorta ruin it for me too. If I were Rae and he called me “girl” again, I’d be honest and tell him not to call me that cause he tainted it when he called Olivia that at the pub. I think it hurt Rae too cause I think she saw it as something special between the two of them for him to have that nickname for her so when he called Olivia that she had that reaction of “Girl? I thought I was girl.” I felt bad for the Rae. I mean, she didn’t break up with him cause she didn’t love him but for other reasons. She had to watch him not only call this 24 year old woman the same nickname that he called her but then watch them makeout about a foot away from her. But then again, she never gave Finn a real explanation on why she broke up with him. OH AND LET ME STATE FACT HERE, “MY FINN” IS A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN “LITTLE BUG!”
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"You frighten me sometimes, and exhilarate me, and challenge me to do things I never thought I could."

Mike. Mike, please. This is not you, this is me. Don’t be me

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